Roof Tile & Construction LTD

Roof Tile & Construction LTD was founded by skilled and talented professionals in the construction industry and operate in a project oriented and entrepreneurial environment adapted to best practices in construction. Our core values are:

  •   Timeliness and efficiency of service delivery and project          execution
  •   Strong adherence to professional ethics, business practices          and construction standards and would not compromise any          just for the realization of profit
  •   Constant internal review of our project execution for client          quality assurance
  •   Maintenance of team spirit to allow for full expression of          our talents to promote creativity, innovation and knowledge          sharing

As an organization, our priority is client satisfaction. In this regard we have developed critical project adoption processes including:

  •    Development of organizational linkages amongst all contracting parties needed for the early realization of project objectives
  •    Develop a detailed understanding of our client's architectural design to ensure compliance with design specifications

Firm Profile

Roof Tile and Construction Ltd (RTC) is an Accra based Building and Civil Engineering, and Building Maintenance Construction firm registered with the Ministry of Water Resources Works and Housing in General Building and Civil Works Category D2 and K2 respectively. We provide our clients and customers estimates of the gamut of roof tiles and other concrete products available on the market. In addition, as authorized agents of AFRICAN CONCRETE PRODUCTS LIMITED (ACP) the largest manufacturer of concrete roof tiles in Africa; we have the capacity to offer the full range of the best quality concrete products to our customers. We believe with our approach and capability, we maximize our customer's choice.

Founded in 2002, Roof Tile and Construction Ltd (formerly The Roofing Tile Centre LTD) has the capability to execute projects in the following categories in the construction industry:

    Building Construction:

  •    Construction of residential and commercial properties
  •    Remodeling, refurbishing and renovation of commercial and residential properties

    Civil Engineering Works:

  •    Construction of drains, culverts, and pavements

Firm Vision

Roof Tile and Construction Ltd aspires to be among the top 10 Construction Companies in Ghana by the year 2020 achieved through the development of strong design and expansion of construction capabilities . Both benefiting from significant investment in state of the art technologies in the design and construction of buildings and civil engineering works and in the process yielding the benefit of becoming a leader in the Construction Industry.

Firm Mission

To offer technically proficient and timely delivery of various construction projects including Building and Civil Engineering Construction projects and Maintenance contracts to standards that withstand the highest level of monitoring and scrutiny.

To offer excellent pre and post sales services to our customers and clients by providing estimates of concrete products; the full range of best quality concrete products; and their quick delivery, installation and maintenance.

To train, motivate and build a highly skilled and competent construction and sales team in congenial working environment that brings out the best in them in the performance and execution of their jobs.

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